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What's In A Blurb?

With the first Bowman Of The Yard full length novel, The Head In The Ice, available for preorder, I've been turning my attention to the second!

Research has involved pounding the streets south of the River Thames and around Tower Bridge (which, incidentally, was still being built when the book is set, so you can bet that gets a mention).

I'm halfway through the manuscript (it's my intention to have it ready for preorder when The Head In The Ice goes live) and I'm talking to my designer about the book cover.

There's no understating just how important a good cover can be. Along with the 'blurb', that's the thing that'll first attract people's attention.

So, how about that blurb? Well, for the second book, The Devil At The Dock (and that's the first time anywhere that I've mentioned the title), I think it will look something like this:

Considered a loose cannon, Detective Inspector George Bowman of Scotland Yard is despatched to London's docks where he can do no harm. When an explosion rips through the wharves, however, he's soon pitched into a world of intrigue and extortion.

With the whole of Victorian London in the grip of the mysterious Kaiser, Bowman must find the strength to escape the ghosts that haunt him. Just who is the Kaiser, and what do they have to do with his wife's death?

Hopefully that'll whet the appetite; teasing people who know the story so far whilst also tempting those who are new to the series. What do you think?

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