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Bowman Unleashed!

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

What a week it's been! It's an amazing feeling that The Head In The Ice is now out in the world, and people are getting to know Inspector George Bowman of Scotland Yard. It was lovely to see people tweeting pictures of their Kindles as the eBook arrived on Tuesday and then, a few days later, others posting pictures as their paperbacks plopped through their letterboxes.

And it's picked up some amazing reviews along the way! The Partners in Crime Podcast called it 'A stunning debut. Wonderfully atmospheric, full of the thrills of Victorian London.' Rosie Amber Book Reviews wrote 'A fine mystery that lived up to my expectations, and even surpassed them in many ways...'. But perhaps my favourite was from Joe who got in touch with me on Facebook and said simply: 'Finished the Prologue and Chapter 1. Hooked like a Trout!!' Following an interview with Marlow FM (that you can hear here), the week ended with the official launch at my local bookshop, the very sweet Little Bookshop in Cookham. It was lovely to see so many people over the couple of hours, and the conversation included questions like; 'Just how do you write a book?', 'What's next for Inspector Bowman?' and, of course, 'Who did it?' Naturally, I was careful to avoid any spoilers! If you want to know what all the fuss is about, The Head In The Ice is now available to buy in paperback and eBook formats here, and book two in the series, The Devil In The Dock, is available to preorder for ebooks here. In the meantime, with that busy week over - it's on to book three!

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