• Richard James

You Ain't Seen Me, Right...?

I loved this picture so much, I wrote a book about it! This is where it all began. This image of Scotland Yard detectives in various disguises lit the spark that became the Inspector Bowman series. It made such an impression on me, that it even turns up in Chapter 9 of The Head In The Ice;

'Beneath the clock, on two benches arranged to face each other over an open stretch of flagstones worn smooth under a million boots, sat a disparate group of Scotland Yarders. At Sergeant Williams' command, they had each of them assumed disguises, some perhaps more successful than others in their ability to deceive.'

The disguises seem naive to us, even ridiculous (see the hook on the guy to the right), but Victorian Society was so full of colourful and interesting characters (especially London Society) I'm sure they passed completely unnoticed.

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