• Richard James

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

I can't believe I've got this far without mentioning Lee Sullivan. According to his Twitter bio, he's a comic strip artist, rock saxophonist and show-off but if you know your comics, you'll know his work from Doctor Who Magazine, Transformers and Judge Dredd amongst many others. Need an iconic take on a treasured character? Look no further!

So, of course, when it came to writing the Bowman Of The Yard series, I asked Lee to give life to some characters from the books. There's something about coming face to face with characters you've spent months or years creating that's quite moving. And, of course, I recognised them at once. There's the troubled Inspector Bowman alongside his youthful, cheerier companion, Sergeant Graves. Inspector Hicks looks full of bluster as usual, while the more demure Elizabeth Morley raises a wry smile.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had Sydney Paget to help bring Sherlock Holmes to life. I can't help but think that I've got an equal talent on my side. In the coming months, I hope you'll get to know these characters as well as I do. Each of you will no doubt form your own pictures as you read the books, but to my mind at least, the inestimable Mr Sullivan has captured them perfectly!

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