• Richard James

The Best Laid Plans

If you're following George Bowman's story, you might just have detected a pattern. Following the first novel, The Head In The Ice, you can download two FREE short stories from Bowman's Casebook if you subscribe to my mailing list.

The Smithfield Murder and The Workhouse Poisoning fill in the gaps between the first two novels whilst not being dependent upon them. Each of them is a distinct case in their own right, and you certainly don't have to read the novels to enjoy them.

They're an opportunity to learn a little more about Inspector Bowman and, in particular, the supporting cast. With The Head In The Ice set in the winter of 1892 and the next novel, The Devil In The Dock (released 2nd July) set in the spring, you can see where this is leading. There will be four novels in all (to begin with) each set in a different season of the year. Two short stories between each novel will mean that there will, eventually, be twelve stories spanning the twelve months of 1892 - a whole year's worth of adventures!

With that in mind, look out for the third short story, The Hampstead Garrotting, that will be released with the second novel next week and is set just after it. Subscribe to my mailing list and every short story will be delivered to your Kindle, Kobo or Nook FOR FREE!

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