• Richard James

In Sherlock's Shadow

I'm often in London attending auditions and meeting friends and, these days, researching for my Bowman Of The Yard series. In fact, I often find myself on Bowman's streets quite by accident.

Quite by chance, a rather important event in The Head In The Ice (in fact, the event that informs the whole of Bowman's story) takes place on the streets around my agent's offices in Brick Lane.

Only yesterday I found myself watching a theatre show in the grounds of The Tower Of London, just a stone's throw away from streets intimately connected with the plot of The Devil In The Dock.

But, wherever I go, I'm haunted by this man. No, not the one in the sunglasses, the one behind him. This statue to Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective stands outside Baker Street tube station, just round the corner from Number 221b. With so many of Conan Doyle's stories set in and around the streets of London, it's impossible not to feel his shadow wherever I go. It's a reminder that, wherever Bowman's story may lead him, Sherlock Holmes got there first, and a hundred and twenty years earlier.

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