• Richard James

Location, Location, Location!

I love walking around London. There's such a sense of history in the buildings and the street names, and I try to be historically accurate when I write my books. Whenever I mention a new building, street or district, it's off to Google to see what the place would've looked like a hundred and forty years ago!

Surprisingly often, little has changed. Here, for example, is the Silver Cross on Whitehall. It's here that the detectives of Scotland Yard like to end (and sometimes start) their day. Why? Because it's just a short walk from Scotland Yard itself! I share a strange bit of history with The Silver Cross, as one of my first jobs when leaving drama school was working just over the road at the then Whitehall Theatre. As a barman, you understand. Oh, and it's through this very window that Inspector Bowman sees something that helps him solve the case of The Head In The Ice...

I'll post more pictures from locations in the book as I visit them, including reporting from Scotland Yard itself.

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