• Richard James

The Light At The End

With the fourth book in the Bowman Of The Yard series, The Phantom In The Fog, published and on sale, the Bowman saga (as far as the novels are concerned) draws to a close.

For those of you who are collecting the short stories (subscribe here to get them all!), you've still got two more to go before Bowman's story is complete.

At least, for now.

It's been quite a journey over the last couple of years, starting with The Head In The Ice and continuing through three more novels and umpteen short stories so that (eventually) each month of the year 1892 will be chronicled. I've written as I've moved house and even on an arena tour of the UK! I've connected with lots of my readers and picked up a publisher too. You may know I have grander plans in store for Detective Inspector Bowman (including prequels and sequels) but, for the time being, I'm giving him a rest. After all, there's only so many ways you can describe a hansom rattling down the street, or Bowman's habitual frown. So, what's next? Well, after the next two short stories (I'm starting the latest, 'The Stepney Blackmailing', right now), I'll be taking a trip into outer space. Those of you who follow my alternate sci-fi career might have noticed some releases connected to Gerry Anderson's 'Space Precinct'. Well, more will follow next year, alongside a novelisation of one of Gerry's lesser known screenplays. In a similar vein, I shall be releasing an adaptation of a screenplay, 'Highjump', in collaboration with actor and writer Christopher Brand. It's a Cold War tale of UFOs and military organisations - and I think you're going to love it! Finally, I'll be turning my attention to a new series of my own. I'll be travelling much further back in time than the Victorian era though, visiting the early years of the Roman occupation of Britain to spend some time with an Iron Age man with a penchant for uncovering crime. Two books will begin the series, and they'll feature a detective quite unlike any other you've met before... 2021 promises to be a busy year writing-wise. And with the state of the theatre and tv industry in the UK at the moment, perhaps that's just as well.

If you have yet to join the investigation, Bowman's story begins with the first novel, The Head In the Ice and continues through the short stories The Smithfield Murder and The Hackney Poisoningto the second novel, The Devil In The Dock. Two more short stories follow, The Hampstead Garrotting and The Holborn Strangler. The third novel in the series, The Body In The Trees, is followed by two more short stories, The Camden Kidnappings and The Chiswick Robbery! Finally, The Phantom In The Fog completes the series of novels, but there are still two short stories to go... Subscribe to get them all!

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