The Body In The Trees.jpg

The Body In The Trees

Author: Richard James

Series: Bowman Of The Yard

ISBN: 979-8654224408


Summer, 1892.


Accompanied by the trusted Sergeant Graves, Detective Inspector George Bowman finds himself in Larton, a sleepy village on the River Thames. A series of supposed suicides has opened up old wounds between the locals and a gypsy camp in the woods.


The detectives are viewed with suspicion as the villagers close ranks against their investigation, even more so when Bowman succumbs to visions of his dead wife. His sanity in the balance, it’s not long before he places Graves himself in danger, risking the wrath of the Commissioner of Scotland Yard.


Is Bowman in full possession of his wits?


As village life continues and a link between the suicides is discovered, Bowman finds himself ensnared in the machinations of a secret society, with a figure at its head who will stop at nothing to escape justice.


Soon, the inspector is embroiled in a case that began on the dusty plains of Africa, and ends at the gates of a lunatic asylum.

'The best Bowman book so far!'

'An engaging, thrilling page turner.'

'Compelling and enjoyable.'

'Hard to put down!'

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City Of Fear
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