The Devil In The Dock.jpg

The Devil In The Dock

Author: Richard James

Series: Bowman Of The Yard

ISBN: 979-8649522281

ASIN: B08767KY6M

Spring, 1892.


No longer trusted by Scotland Yard because of his unpredictable behaviour, Detective Inspector George Bowman is despatched to London’s docks on a security detail. 


But he is soon plunged into a world of extortion and murder.


When his colleague Sergeant Graves investigates a corpse discovered in Drury Lane, the two detectives soon realise they are working on the same case.


But are the two men exceeding their authority?


Bowman is brought to task by the Special Irish Branch for interfering with their investigation into Fenian activity at the docks. Bowman has more questions than answers. A piece is missing from the puzzle.


Still haunted by his part in his wife’s death, Bowman struggles to keep his sanity and find a link that connects crime across the capital. Cautioned for his erratic mental state by his superiors, the inspector’s very career is at stake.


His life becomes endangered too, as Bowman must face his nemesis across the newly constructed Tower Bridge and prevent a deadly strike against the heart of the Empire itself.

'Brilliant!! Gripping!!'

'Another excellent mystery.'

'A really exciting read!'

'It doesn’t disappoint.'

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City Of Fear
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