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The Head In The Ice

Author: Richard James

Series: Bowman Of The Yard

ISBN: 9781793873460


'Who would send a madman to solve a murder?'


Just released from a Lunatic Asylum, Inspector George Bowman is in no shape to lead an investigation, but the discovery of a severed head in the frozen waters of the River Thames sees him back in service at Scotland Yard. As he delves into the dark heart of the city in search of answers, the memory of his wife's death threatens to derail his investigation and place his very sanity in peril.


Bowman must confront his demons and the part he played in her demise before he can solve the case; a case that leads him across Victorian London in pursuit of a killer.

'A lively, entertaining read.'

'A fabulous Victorian mystery.'

'You won't be disappointed!'

'An excellent debut novel.'

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