The Head In The Ice.jpg

The Head In The Ice

Author: Richard James

Series: Bowman Of The Yard

ISBN: 979-8638139124

ASIN: B0874XC6Z4

Winter, 1892.


A woman’s head found in the River Thames.


Battling with feelings of guilt over his wife’s death - and having spent time recovering in an asylum - Detective Inspector George Bowman must join his colleagues, Sergeant Graves and Inspector Hicks, to discover the woman’s identity.


A deal struck with the editor of the Evening Standard to follow the investigation from within turns sour following a botched ambush on a suspect’s lair.


A false identification, a doomed visit to a Spiritualist Meeting and Graves' investigations into a ship called Nimrod all serve to bring Bowman closer to a revelation.


The investigation unfolds, but Graves and Hicks grow increasingly concerned at Bowman’s mental state.


A chase across the frozen streets of London leads to a final confrontation on the waters of The Thames, where Bowman must face the demons that haunt him to catch the killer.

'A lively, entertaining read.'

'A fabulous Victorian mystery.'

'You won't be disappointed!'

'An excellent debut novel.'

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