Bowman's Casebook #7: The Stepney Blackmailing

Author: Richard James

'What do you know of life, Inspector Bowman?'


At a funeral in Stepney, Inspector Bowman is approached by Isabella Stallard, the wife of a local teacher. She reveals her husband is subject to blackmail ​from persons unknown. Unless a substantial sum is paid, revelations concerning his private life will be made public.

As Bowman delves deeper, he discovers a family history littered with secrets. Finally, when Archibald Stallard is attacked and threatened with death, the thugs who accost him leave a vital clue to their identity...

The events in this short story from Bowman's Casebook take place immediately following the fourth novel, The Phantom In The Fog.

Coming soon...!

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The Hampstead Garrotting Cover
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The Camden Kidnappings Cover
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