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1892 ~ A Timeline



'Who would send a madman to solve a murder?'


Just released from a Lunatic Asylum, Inspector George Bowman is in no shape to lead an investigation, but the discovery of a severed head in the frozen waters of the River Thames sees him back in service at Scotland Yard.


As he delves into the dark heart of the city in search of answers, the memory of his wife's death threatens to derail his investigation and place his very sanity in peril.

The Smithfield Murder.jpg


'I found Hell.'


When a man is found hanged among the carcasses at Smithfield Meat Market, Detective Inspector George Bowman is despatched to solve the case, but a conspiracy of silence surrounds the events of Solomon Hibbert's death.

Just how did he get so rich? What did he know? And who would want him dead?




'I charge you to find my husband's killer.'


Hackney Workhouse​ is overcrowded, and death is commonplace. Sir Kingdom Fanshawe, the workhouse's benefactor, has had enough and wishes to withdraw his interest. Within hours he is found dead, and Bowman finds one of his own inspectors has a vested interest.

Just what is Inspector Hicks' connection with the workhouse, and why is he withholding vital evidence?




'Are there devils here?'


Considered a loose cannon, Detective Inspector George Bowman of Scotland Yard is despatched to London's docks where he can do no harm. When an explosion rips through the wharves, however, he's soon pitched into a world of intrigue and extortion.


With the whole of Victorian London in the grip of the mysterious Kaiser, Bowman must find the strength to escape the ghosts that haunt him. Just who is the Kaiser, and what do they have to do with his wife's death?




'Why should murder come to St Mary's?'


When the sexton is found dead in the porch of his church on a Sunday, Inspector Bowman is determined to get to the bottom of the matter. Revelations concerning the dead man's personal life shed light onto a possible motive, but just who would want him dead?


Who among the congregation can be trusted​? And what is the sexton's connection with the Kaiser?




'Life is full of coincidences, inspector.'


When two apparently unconnected people are found strangled in the streets of Holborn, Inspector Bowman struggles to find a link between them, while matters aren't helped by the public's distrust of Scotland Yard.


Are the murders simply random, or is there a thread that connects them both?

The Body In The Trees



'Death is commonplace here, Inspector Bowman.'


When a man is found hanged in the woods around the village of Larton, a troubled Inspector Bowman is despatched to investigate, only to discover that this is the latest in a series of supposed suicides.

It's not long, however, before Inspector Bowman's fragile mental state places those closest to him in even greater danger.




'What is Scotland Yard's finest going to do about it?'


With Inspector Bowman indisposed, Sergeant Graves is called upon to investigate the disappearance of two children in Camden; one the daughter of a bargeman, the other of a wealthy doctor.

When a ransom note is left, Graves suddenly finds himself working against the clock to solve the two cases and save the children from their abductor.

Chiswick Robbery.png



'I had hoped calling in Scotland Yard would be a good thing.'


With Inspector Bowman still indisposed following the catastrophic events of The Body In The Trees, it's up to Detective Inspector Ignatius Hicks to bring his unique skills to the investigation of a robbery.

Faced with a set of improbable circumstances and a family secret that has remained long-hidden, can Hicks solve the case and restore his reputation?

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The Smithfield Murder.jpg
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